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Why Does The Speed Of Electric Bicycle Suddenly Drop?

  • 18 Apr 2022

If you are a regular e-bike user, you should have experienced that sometimes the speed of your e-bike suddenly drops when you are riding it, even if it is a new e-bike. Today, GHstore, a professional electric bike service provider, will talk to you about what causes the speed of electric bikes to drop suddenly and what are the solutions, summarizing the following 5 aspects:


1. Low battery power

As we all know, the battery is the power source of electric bicycle. Therefore, when the battery is running out of power, even when the acceleration handle is turned to the maximum, the speed still can not keep up. Why? Because the e-bike's controller has undervoltage protection, when the power is used to the undervoltage point, the speed will drop to prevent the battery from over-discharging.

Solution: The solution is very simple, as long as it is fully charged.


2. Demagnetization of motor magnets

Ordinary motors often use more and more powerless, more and more power consumption, and even direct "strike". Because the electric bicycle long-term overweight overload, climbing will make the motor magnetism weakened, the magnet steel demagnetization. In addition, long-term high temperature work, will also cause the motor internal heat buildup, resulting in demagnetization of the motor. Therefore, the longer the motor is used, the weaker the power will be and the speed will be slower.

Solution: Buy an electric bike with a high quality motor.

Because good quality motors have built-in temperature control systems, they can effectively control the temperature rise of the motor and avoid demagnetization of the magnets caused by high temperature and hill climbing.


3. Insufficient tire pressure

When the tire pressure of electric bicycle tires is not enough, the friction and adhesion of tires will increase, which will increase the resistance of electric bicycle moving forward and affect the speed of electric bicycle moving forward.

Solution: Inflate the tires, but do not inflate too much!


4. Electric bicycle brake failure

Electric bicycle front brake is not often used, will produce rust, resulting in brake rocker arm inflexible hard to return, and accompanied by electric bicycle brake resistance, slowing down the speed; and electric bicycle rear wheel brake pads into the foreign body, will also lead to slow speed. In addition, the electric bicycle brake pads are too tight and may rub the electric bicycle wheels, reducing the speed of the electric bicycle.

Solution: Regularly go to professional after-sales stores to maintain the electric bicycle brakes.


5. Overload and overweight

When an electric bicycle is loaded, the friction between the vehicle tires and the ground will increase. The electric bicycle has a certain load standard, so if it is overloaded for a long time, it will lead to motor damage, which is difficult to recover.

Solution: Use within the load standard of electric bicycle.


GHstore reminds you: when the electric bicycle malfunction, please be sure to go to the professional after-sales service store in time to repair, to protect their own safety!


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