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How to use the electric bike charger correctly?

  • 17 Mar 2022

Whether the electric bike charger is used in the correct way will not only affect the reliability and life of the charger, but also affect the life of the electric bike battery pack.


Before charging the charger, plug in the DC output of the charger, and then plug in the AC power. The general charging time is 6 ~ 8h, in practice, it should be based on the discharge of the electric bike battery pack. When charging, the power indicator of the charger shows red, and the charging indicator also shows red. When the charging indicator turns green, the battery is basically full. If you are not in a hurry, you can continue charging for 1~2h. When you stop charging, unplug the charger's AC plug first and then unplug the charger's DC output plug.


Notes on the use of electric bike charger:


1. The charger should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment, and pay attention to moisture and humidity prevention. The charger generates a certain amount of heat when working, so it is strictly forbidden to place flammable objects, such as plastic or foam, on its bottom or around it. If you smell an odor or the charger shell temperature is too high when charging, stop charging immediately.


2. When using or storing the charger, prevent liquids or metal chips from entering the charger.


3. Try not to carry it with the electric bike, if you need to carry it, the charger should be packed with shock-absorbing materials and placed in the toolbox of the e-bike, and should pay attention to the rain.



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