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Top 10 Best Ways to Use an Electric Bike

  • 22 Apr 2022

Electric bicycle is a new type of bicycle, which has similarities and differences with traditional bicycles. Now more and more people are buying electric bicycles. Here is a list of the "10 best ways to use and maintain electric bicycles correctly"!


1. Human and electric power linkage

Using the advantages of multi-functional electric bicycle, the most ideal method is to help the e-bike to move, electricity to help people to move, human power linkage, both energy and electricity saving.


2. Pedal first

Electric bicycle with zero start function, because the current is larger when starting at a standstill, more energy consumption, and easy to damage the battery, should be pedaled first, and then electric, to a certain speed and then power acceleration, avoid avoid battery super current discharge, improve the mileage of a charge, and help extend the battery life.


3. Full charge

Battery charging must be used with the e-bike with a special charger, the input plug into the AC outlet, the output plug into the battery box, first insert the battery box after the AC power, not misplaced, full charge generally takes 3 to 8 hours, more than one or two hours to charge the battery better (but note that do not endless overcharging).


4. Pay attention to the acceleration back to the position

The acceleration handlebar of an electric bicycle sometimes cannot be fully repositioned. This may not seem important, but it is very easy to accelerate or descend for a second time. In addition, when the electric bicycle brakes, the power of the motor will be cut off, but when the brake is released, if the acceleration handle is still in the acceleration position, the motor will immediately get current forward, which is not conducive to safety. I hope you will try to develop the good habit of "pushing the handle back to the original position after the acceleration is completed".


5. Pay attention to daily safety inspection

Before each use of electric bicycle, do the following maintenance checks.

  • whether the tire pressure is sufficient, sufficient pressure can reduce the friction between the tire and the road.
  • whether the handlebar steering is reliable and the brakes are flexible and effective, to ensure safe driving.
  • whether the battery box socket, the charger plug is loose, whether the battery box is locked and the light new button is effective, to ensure that the circuit is smooth.


6. Do not ride excessively

Electric bicycles are not suitable for uneven or steep roads. If you encounter such roads, please slow down or get off and push. At the same time, the standard load of electric bicycle is 80-150 kg, so when you use electric bicycle in daily life, avoid bringing too heavy objects, when carrying heavy, apply pedal power. (I remind you: do not let the electric bicycle overload in poor conditions, or your beloved electric bicycle will be bad soon).


7. More pedals in winter

When riding in winter, please try to use foot pedal as the main force of riding, which can make your body get exercise and help prolong the service life of the battery. (Because of the low temperature, the capacity of the battery pack decreases, such as the depth of discharge increases, the range will be shortened).


8. Avoid getting wet

Although the electric bicycle has good rainproof performance, please avoid direct sunlight and rain to prevent rusting of the body or rotating parts, and the water level should not be higher than the center line of the axle when using in the rainy season or passing through water pools or stagnant water to prevent the motor from water damage.


9. Correctly maintain the battery

The length of life of the electric bicycle battery has a lot to do with the user's daily maintenance of the battery. Generally speaking, the following points should be noted.

  • The smaller the depth of discharge of the battery each time it is used (the shorter the distance), the longer the service life of the battery, usually should develop a good habit of charging with the use of the battery, using the battery often maintain a rich state of electricity.
  • the battery needs to be placed for a long time must first charge and regularly replenish the power, generally once a month to replenish.
  • high current discharge has certain damage to the battery, so in the start, uphill, heavy, top wind with foot pedal to help.
  • When charging, use the matching charger, place it in a cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature and humidity, and avoid letting water into the charger to prevent electric shock accidents.


10. to ensure that the feet can touch the ground

Finally, I remind you again: we use or buy an electric bike process, be sure to pay attention to the feet can touch the ground. Especially mothers with babies, when riding electric bicycles, make sure that the seat height to the rider can reach the ground two feet shall prevail, so that in special circumstances, to ensure personal safety.


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