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How to ensure the safety of electric bicycle riding in rainy days?

  • 02 May 2022

The rainy season is approaching, and many places in the world have the most extensive coverage and intensity of sustained heavy rainfall process so far this year, with frequent flooding accidents. It is a serious threat to people's travel safety. As an important travel tool for people, electric bicycle is also greatly affected. Here, GHstore, a famous e-bike service provider, based on years of experience, suggests that e-bike owners need to make the following preparations to ensure the safety of e-bike riding in rainy days


1. Don't wade through water easily

When you encounter a place with serious water, don't break through it hard, or you should try to go around. If you have to go through, you should try to choose some shallow pavement, and the water depth should not exceed half of the wheels, because the electric bicycle motor is usually located between the rear wheel hubs. Once the motor gets wet or water, it is very likely to cause a series of problems such as horn not ringing, brake failure and controller not working properly.


2. Dry in time after the rain

When the electric bicycle is parked in the open, it is best to take the battery off and put it indoors. After the electric bicycle is wet, don't put the battery into the power supply, this practice may cause a short circuit. After a heavy rain, put the e-bike in a ventilated place to dry. Before putting in the battery, wipe the battery and connection socket with a rag or paper towel to avoid a short circuit.  


3. Chain Rust Removal

If the electric bicycle chain rusts after the rain, you can wipe off the rust spot with the cleaning agent used in the kitchen, and then scrub it with diesel, which can easily remove the rust. In addition, you can also buy some castor seeds, peel off the shell, wrapped in fine flannel and smashed, use it to rub the electric bicycle, can make the wheel rim, spokes shiny, and also can play a certain role in rust prevention! 


4. Rainy day tires need to pay attention to

Rainy day e-bike tires need to pay attention to the ground is easy to slip, when traveling to pay attention to the timely change of tires, the best choice is to have a drainage pattern of tires.


5. Do not brake sharply when the road is slippery

In the process of driving, electric bicycle speed should not be too fast, when braking, the action should be gentle, to judge the road conditions early, do not brake sharply, so as to avoid wheel slip out of control to bring you accidental injury.


6. Pay attention to road markings

When riding an electric bicycle, try to avoid the crosswalks and traffic signs on the road. Because these places are a few millimeters higher than the ground and more slippery, after the rain, it is very easy to slip, when inadvertently braking on it, more likely to fall.


7. Blow dry the battery pack before charging

If the battery pack is accidentally wet by the rain, do not rush to charge it, should wait for blowing dry before charging. 


8. Cover up when parking in the rain

When parking your electric bicycle in the rain, it is best to cover it with a plastic sheet to protect the electric bicycle controller from being wet by the rain.  


9. Check the controller in heavy rain

If there is not a lot of water in the electric bicycle controller, you can put it in a ventilated place to dry before using it. If there is a lot of water in the controller, you should go to the relevant repair station in time to prevent the power supply from short-circuiting and the transmission and motor from burning up.


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