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What Is The Role Of The Electric Bicycle Controller?

  • 16 Apr 2022

Many people don't know the structure of electric bicycle, so when they buy an electric bicycle, they don't know what kind of electric bicycle is good, so they only pay attention to the brand of electric bicycle, the price of electric bicycle and the appearance of electric bicycle. But can you buy a good bike if you only know this much? I believe many people know that it is hard to buy a good e-bike if they don't know the structure, parts, performance and market of e-bike. Therefore, GHstore will talk to you about the components of electric bicycle and the role of controller.


Components of electric bicycle

The main components of an electric bike are: controller, frame, battery and charger, which are the main components.


  • The main function of the controller is to control the start, operation and speed of the electric bicycle motor. The controller is equivalent to the brain of the electric bicycle, controlling all the important operations of the electric bicycle.
  • The frame is the shell of the e-bike. The beauty of the e-bike and the quality of the shell all depend on the frame.
  • The battery is the heart of the e-bike, because the battery is an important part to maintain the running state of the e-bike, without the battery the e-bike cannot run.
  • The charger is the equivalent of the power source of the electric bicycle, replenishing energy to the electric bicycle at any time.


The brain of an electric bicycle

The controller is the brain of the e-bike, which governs the important operation of the e-bike. The work of the gate is attributed to the controller in operation. Imagine if you don't choose a good controller, how much damage is done to our personal safety if the brakes suddenly fail one day? The controller has a self-test function, such as the gate, handle, start switch problems controller will play a protective role, to ensure the safety of driving. There are automatic identification of the motor function, motor lock function, plugging protection function, etc., is really a small part, big role.


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