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How To Make Electric Bicycle Save Electricity?

  • 17 Apr 2022

Nowadays, there are more and more cars, The ensuing traffic jam during the peak commuting hours! Traffic jam! Traffic jam! I believe there are many people choose to ride e-bikes, because e-bikes don't take the motorway and can effectively avoid the traffic jam! All, how to save electricity by riding electric bicycle is a problem worth considering, today GHstore here recommend several kinds of behavior to make electric bicycle save electricity.


1. Avoid overloading

The average electric bicycle is loaded between 60-100KG, although overloading is common, but overloading not only has high electricity consumption, but also increases the burden of the motor battery, which will also affect the service life of the electric bicycle. Therefore, for the long term, do not overload.


2. Do not stop sharply and rush

Electric bicycle starts need a lot of energy, when the motor turns up to an even state of his energy consumption is also relatively low state, stopping sharply and rushing not only increases the load on the motor the same short period of higher current will also stimulate and affect the life of the battery, conditions permitting, or recommended evenly slow, to their own safety and at the same time give a little care of the beloved ride, why not do it.


3. Reasonable control of the turnbuckle

I believe there are many friends with me, in order to rush only turn the door to the end of the feeling to the fastest speed, in fact, not, and then after many trials the author found that in fact in the turn of the door to about 80 & has reached the highest speed, that is, the remaining twenty percent of the power consumption are to waste, like an electric bike in the lazy, false consumption of food not work, of course, I do not mind you speed too fast After all, safety first.


4. Charging to be reasonable

Remember to charge your electric bike after use, do not park it for a long time at a loss of power, a long time at a loss of power will seriously affect the battery life and continuous driving range, after all, the battery is a big part of the electric bike, it is always right to use snacks.


There are a lot of things like low tire pressure in summer and high in winter, avoid exposing your electric bike to the sun, etc. There are also a lot of things you can do in life to help you learn more about electric bicycle use, so that your ride can run farther and longer with you.


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