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How to maintain the electric bicycle motor?

  • 01 Apr 2022

Electric bicycles have four major components: motor, battery, controller and charger. They are always considered as the core components of the vitality and vitality of electric bicycle, and their importance is obvious.

Among them, the motor is the power converter of the electric bicycle, which is the part that converts battery electric energy into mechanical energy and drives the rotation of the electric bicycle wheel, equivalent to the engine of a car. Usually riding, must be more care motor, so that the car can better for you to walk Oh ~ today, electric bicycle dealers Ghstore and we discuss about the electric bicycle motor maintenance and precautions!


Precautions for use

1. All circuits and electrical connections of electric bicycle motors are designed and produced by professionals, users are not allowed to modify them, otherwise they are prone to malfunctions and accidents (including: fire, traffic accidents and other serious consequences).

2. When using in rainy days, do not let the motor drive in deep water, let alone let the water surface exceed the position of the rear wheel in the axle; you in the process of use, pay attention to check the motor and the rear flat fork fastening state, if you find the nut has loose phenomenon, timely tightening or go to professional maintenance stores to check and deal with.

3. If you find that the motor is hot (more than 90℃), smoke, odor, noise or other abnormalities, you should stop running immediately and send it to a professional maintenance organization for treatment, do not disassemble the motor by yourself.

4. Should avoid the vehicle in the case of overload, tire pressure is not enough or in the long, steep slope, otherwise the motor has the risk of burning.

5. The electric wheel hub should not be violently hit, and the electric bicycle should not be started forcibly in a blocked state. When the electric bicycle cannot be started due to blockage, do not start it repeatedly, and start the motor again after excluding the reason of blockage.

6. For electric bicycle equipped with chain motor, remember to refill the chain with lubricant frequently, which can not only reduce the wear and tear of the transmission parts and prolong its life, but also reduce the transmission noise.


Maintenance rules

1. When you use the electric bicycle in the process, generally do not need the motor internal parts maintenance and maintenance, only need to pay attention to check the electric wheel hub mounted on the rear fork fasteners status, if you find a loose nut phenomenon should be timely tighten the nut or ask professionals to check the treatment.

2. When the motor stops running, promptly remove the motor external dust, sludge, keep the motor clean to prevent oil and water from entering the motor interior, do not use water to directly spray flush when cleaning.

3. Check whether the motor lead wire is scratched, whether there is a strange noise when the motor is running, if necessary, it should be sent to a professional after-sales organization to deal with, need to ask professionals to check and deal with.

4. With a chain motor should be regularly filled with lubricant to the chain.


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