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How to repair the electric bicycle motor after water ingress?

  • 04 Jun 2022

Most electric bikes are not as well closed as we think, rainy weather has arrived, your electric bicycle by the harassment of rain? Electric bicycle is a "home appliance", electric bicycle is afraid of water, driving in water is easy to short circuit burned parts, try not to ride in deep water, especially the electric bicycle motor, controller to protect!


The following focus on the electric bicycle motor into the water how to repair?

1. The multimeter to the "on and off gear", measuring the electric bicycle motor three phase line is connected to the motor shell or resistance value display, the motor internal water. Water inside the motor leads to Hall conductor feet even electricity, resulting in "shaking" or the car does not go.


2. Disassemble the electric bicycle motor. The prerequisite steps are, first of all, the screws to be disassembled to remove rust lubrication, to disassembly to help, so as not to rust rust forced demolition easy to slip silk! Let it "penetrate", disassembly and installation more smoothly.


3. electric bicycle motor on both sides of the end cover internal seals to remove. Because the motor into the water will rust, motor shaft, motor bearing rust, disassemble the seal coated with spray rust remover, to be better separation of the stator and rotor.


4. clean up the electric bicycle motor end cover screws inside foreign objects. Disassembly of the motor end cover with the motor line end, motor screws are generally more six-pronged wire, there is a certain amount of sludge "injected" into the six-pronged wire inside, causing obstacles to demolition, you can use a sharp cone to "foreign matter" clean in the demolition is much easier.


5. Separate the stator and rotor. Stator and rotor have a certain "magnetic" attraction, coupled with the end cover perimeter sealant on the separation of the stator has a certain "effort" to ensure that the perimeter of the motor end cover screws are all disassembled, uniform force pier hit the stator, not hard force disassembly, motor cover is "aluminum", brute force will pier hit rotten, causing trouble. When the stator and rotor fast separation is not allowed to use the hand to "key" stator, once the "back to suck" magnetic force will be hand pinch injury.


6. Observe the electric bicycle motor internal details. If there is water to clean out the water, it is best to dry thoroughly in the sun, if there is no sun can use a light bulb or hair dryer for "draining", (prohibit the use of high temperature blowing Hall, to prevent the heat of Hall breakdown), special observation is Hall guide foot whether there is water or oxidation? To clean up and replace, in addition to observe whether the magnets let the water "bubble" expansion off? Clean up the re-stained magnet sheet! And whether the bearings have "wobble", to replace.


7. grinding and rust maintenance. Into the water motor more or less rust, you can use "gauze" to clean up the rust, to remove the rust parts of the magnet sheet, stator slot piece, will clean up the "foreign matter" can use the air pump air blowing "run "to prevent obstruction of motor speed and sweeping. Make sure the bearings are not damaged please remove the oil seal and apply grease. Put the end cover oil seal on, if the oil seal is aging, please give replacement.


8. Install the motor correctly. Motor end cover in order to close more tightly, please use sealant to seal the circumference of the sealant, so that water is "prohibited to enter", when the stator into the rotor "inside", please reverse the light pier motor shaft, better let the other end of the bearing into place, pier when the attention of the motor line do not "hit" injury, then use a rubber hammer with the circumference of the knock, according to the diagonal on the end cover wire, do not screw too tight, when the circumference of the motor wire on almost when the rubber hammer for a light knock, better "in place".


The most important thing to note is: the motor wire must be fixed in the frame with a wire harness, so as not to shock, or tire grinding to, the motor wire injury! This will cause a short circuit.

Electric bicycle closed again good, after the passage of time, the seal aging, bearing gap becomes large, in the water will also have water invasion.

The best way, try not to ride in the water when it rains, especially deep water places, maybe then in the water over nothing, time, water in easy to get out difficult, there is damage to the motor, coil oxidation, bearing friction increases, Hall guide foot line corrosion, magnet rust demagnetization ... will hurt his "life"!

When buying an electric bicycle, try to go to a trusted business to choose an electric bicycle with good waterproof performance, and usually pay attention to the correct maintenance of the electric bicycle motor. Only if you take good care of it, it will have more power to carry you "running".


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