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How To Properly Purchase An Electric Bike?

  • 11 Apr 2022

When spring comes, it's a good time to travel. If you want to take a drive, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of spring, but you can't enjoy the natural flavor of everything coming back, so why not take an electric bike and go for a roaring ride for freedom?

To ride, of course, you need a brand new electric bicycle, so that the bicycle is as beautiful and young as the person - sparkling, active and passionate. But, the market is full of all kinds of electric bikes, how to choose, and what issues need to pay attention to, in order to choose the right one?


1. Pay attention to the brand, you will reap the prestige guarantee

Brand, is the reputation. The better the brand, the higher the reputation.

Therefore, when buying an electric bicycle, you should pick a brand with a low repair rate, good quality and credibility. For example, Yadea, BEZIOR, Samebike, Xiaomi and other brands, they are produced by the electric bicycle in quality assurance, whether the appearance of the design or the pursuit of details, are much better than other inferior brands of electric bicycle, so the purchase of new electric bicycle, the first thing to pay attention to the brand.


2. Pay attention to the style and construction, you will reap comfortable riding

Choose a good brand, and then look at the model. At this point, consumers should not buy the popular e-bikes on the market, but make a new selection according to their needs.

First of all, choose the right style of electric bicycle. Some of these styles are suitable for women, some for men, some for the elderly or children, and some for teenagers. Therefore, if you choose the right one, you will reap the benefits of comfort and beauty; if you choose the wrong one, you will be forced to go on in an unconventional way. I believe that every consumer who wants to buy an electric bike wants to choose the right one.

Second, to choose the right electric bicycle construction, these structures have a preference for practicality, there is a preference for freedom; some look very heavy, some are floating dynamic; some luxury big its, some simple exquisite. Different construction makes the electric bicycle have different.


3. Pay attention to the quality, you will reap safe riding

In the market, the homogenization of electric bicycles is very serious, which gives many consumers to buy the trouble, accidentally buy the quality of the electric bicycle is not what. Therefore, before buying, you should first confirm the price, the price is too cheap is generally assembled electric bicycle, the danger is always accompanied.

After overcoming the price factor, then look at the configuration of the e-bike. Quality e-bikes are often equipped with quality batteries. A good battery can effectively increase the range and power of the e-bike, and also has a long service life and a low chance of relative replacement, while a bad battery becomes a problem for you after you buy an e-bike.

Secondly, pay attention to the motor and controller, both of which are the brain of the electric bike. The motor is the key to complete the functions of the electric bicycle such as starting and accelerating, and the efficiency of the motor directly affects the length of the battery life. And the controller as electric bicycle speed control, brake power off, soft start and other functions of the power "organ", if the design is not reasonable, the current limit is too large, will also affect the life of the electric bike. Therefore, when buying an electric bicycle, you must test drive it and feel it more, not to be a clue.

Take note of everything above, and you will reap the benefits of a safe ride while buying an electric bike.


4. Pay attention to the dealer, you will reap the full range of after-sales service

The brand with high reputation will have complete after-sales service behind it. By the same token, a dealer with good service can better undertake the complete after-sales service from the brand, so that consumers can buy with confidence and ride safely.

Therefore, when buying an electric bike, you should choose a business with a good reputation and good service, and ask about the after-sales service policy to ensure that your electric bike will have timely after-sales protection and repair when it is damaged.

These are the problems you should pay attention to when buying an electric bike. Take these issues to heart and choose an electric bike that suits you.


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