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How to maintain electric bicycle tires?

  • 08 Apr 2022

How important are e-bike tires? Let's put it this way: when the electric bike is out of battery, you can still push it for a while, and the electric bike can still be pedaled; when the tires are broken, you really can't go anywhere, and you can only wait for help in place.

Such an important tire, usually when using, how should the electric bike tires maintenance, what need to pay attention to matters? Electric bicycle dealers GHstore has organized 4 aspects for you.


1. Regular inspection and timely inflation

The weight of the vehicle and the rider are pressed on the tires. If the air pressure is insufficient, the tires are easily deformed, which in turn leads to problems such as shorter range and squeezed deformation of the wheels. Therefore, we need to develop the habit of checking tire pressure regularly and replenishing it in time.

Usually, the normal tire pressure of electric bicycle tires is 2.5-3 atmospheres. For those who have air pressure testing equipment at home, if the pressure is less than 2.0 atmospheres, you can pump it up. If you don't have a testing device at home, there is a way: if you sit on it, and if the tire is obviously deflated, it needs to be inflated.

Also, if you don't use your e-bike for a long time, remember to fill it with air before storing it, just like a battery should be fully charged before storing it.


2. Tire grooves, a must-see every day

In the process of driving, the tread grooves of electric bicycle will inevitably embed stones or other foreign objects, which will accelerate the wear and tear of the tires, and in serious cases, may lead to deformation of the tire crown, affecting riding safety.

Therefore, GHstore recommends that you check the grooves of your tires before each ride to clean them of foreign objects in a timely manner.


3. If it is stained with oil, it needs to be cleaned immediately

In daily use, electric bicycles may be stained with oil, kerosene, gasoline and other oils. Tires are rubber products, so if they are in contact with oil for a long time, the oil may penetrate into the rubber and cause it to swell, resulting in a decrease in the strength and other mechanical properties of the rubber, and the tire will deteriorate and age.

Therefore, electric bicycle tires accidentally stained with oil, kerosene, gasoline and other oil, to be cleaned in a timely manner.


4. Don't overload

As mentioned in the first article, the tires carry the weight of the electric bicycle and people, especially the rear wheel. When the load exceeds its capacity, the tires are easily deformed by external forces and even burst, which seriously affects riding safety!

Therefore, whether for the protection of tires or for your own personal safety, you should not overload your e-bike when riding.


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