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How to extend the life of electric scooter battery?

  • 22 Mar 2022

Electric scooters are now a relatively popular mobility tool, and are already relatively common as a mobility tool in the outdoors. However, in daily use, the post maintenance of the electric scooter plays a vital role in performance as well as life. Lithium battery is mainly to provide power to the electric scooter, is the key component of the electric scooter, in the process of use, there will inevitably be excessive wear and tear, which will reduce the service life, then how to extend the service life of the electric scooter battery?The author suggests that the following precautions need to be done.


1. Charge in time

Electric scooter battery in the use of 12 hours, it will be out of the obvious sulfide reaction, timely charging can clear the sulfide phenomenon, if not timely charging, sulfide crystals will accumulate and gradually produce coarse crystals, affecting the electric scooter battery life. Not timely charging will not only affect the sulfide acceleration, but also lead to a decline in battery capacity, thus affecting the electric scooter trip. Therefore, in addition to daily charging, but also pay attention to the use of the end of the early charge, so that the battery power in a full state.


2. Don't change the charger casually

Each electric scooter manufacturers generally have personalized requirements for the charger, do not change the charger at will when you are not sure of the charger model. If the use of the required mileage is relatively long, try to be equipped with multiple chargers for off-site charging, using another supplemental charger during the day, and the original charger in the evening. And remove the speed limit of the controller, remove the speed limit of the controller although you can speed up the electric scooter, not only will reduce the service life of the battery, but also reduce the safety of the electric scooter.


3. Protect the charger

Many electric scooter friends only pay attention to the battery, but ignore the charger, in fact, the charger does not need to be able to charge is good. Electronic products will generally age after a few years of use, and the charger is no exception. If you have a problem with the charger, it will cause the electric scooter battery is not full, or charge the drum battery. This will naturally also affect the battery life.


4. Regular deep discharge

Regular deep discharge is also conducive to electric scooter battery "activation", slightly enhance the capacity of the battery. The common method is to regularly discharge the battery of electric scooter once and for all. Electric scooter uniform discharge is to ride under normal load conditions on a flat road to s times under voltage protection. After completing the uniform discharge, then uniformly charge the battery, which will make the battery capacity improved.


The battery is the key component of the electric scooter, thus it is more important to make full use of the favorable conditions will make the battery life of the electric scooter to be extended. For electric scooter battery maintenance method today to share here, our daily life often maintenance maintenance of electric scooter can make your electric scooter better driving, even if your electric scooter performance is excellent, quality assurance, but also need careful care to play the maximum power.


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