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Electric bicycle tire replacement tips shared

  • 20 Jun 2022

Electric bicycles are loved by more and more people, and more and more people are buying them. Tire maintenance and repair issues have also become a great concern for electric bicycle owners. Electric bicycle tire repair, often encounter the phenomenon of electric bicycle tire air leakage. Tire good or bad is also one of the important factors in riding electric bicycle safety issues, such as electric bicycle tire aging, outer tire tendon fracture leading to "bite inner tire", outer tire wear thin, tire mouth damage, string skin lumps ......, these problems may be in electric bicycle Small problems with tires can be repaired, but once a major problem occurs, if the repairman recommends replacement, you need to replace the tires in a timely manner.

Wear and tear of tires is inevitable when riding an electric bicycle, and it is easy to damage bad when riding for a period of time, so it is necessary to replace the tires. GHstore, a professional electric bicycle service provider, is here to share the method of tire replacement for your reference.


1. When facing a tire leak, please use the air nozzle core wrench to finish the air pressure inside the tire, if there is less than half air inside, it will cause the dismantling effort as well as pry rotten tire mouth and rim mouth.

2. After releasing the gas, do not rush hard pry, please use your hand to press the tire mouth circumference, so that the tire mouth and ring mouth from "some tire mouth tight, you can use a flat pry slowly circumference repeatedly several times pry", do not use brute force, otherwise it will cause the tire mouth steel wire pry broken and circle deformation or even pry broken circle. Tip: see the location of the air nozzle on the outer tire to mark a sign to find foreign objects in the outer tire.

3. Please use two flat pry side of the tire at the same time, the distance between the two pry control in 2-3 centimeters, while pressing the opposite corner with your hand, it is easy to disassemble down.

4. Find the inner tube leakage, use the air nozzle wrench to screw the air core, pumping, air pressure do not too full "too full will affect the rotation difficulties", carefully find the root cause of air leakage with water circumference, find the leak with something to mark "to avoid deflating to find the loophole".

5. Use a file, file around the wound hole, file the appropriate size, need to be slightly larger than the film, to clean up the parts coated with glue, evenly coated, about two to three minutes to let the glue fully dry, paste the silver foil removed from the film, please do not touch dirty, and then lightly knocked with a rubber hammer several times.

6. Check the outer tire to see if there are any foreign objects on the tire, use the markings just scratched on the outer tire to find the approximate distance of the air leak in what place, focus on finding! "Some tires hold the line due to the lack of air, please circumference carefully find, such as things do not remove, but also puncture"! When loading tires, please clean up the outer tire, if there is sand particles please clean up, if the tire broken tendons phenomenon to notify customers to replace.

7. Do not use brute force to pry the tires on, in half of the upper, please press the diagonal, easily on the upper.

8. Inflate a little, check the tire mouth, if uneven, please adjust, or customers will ride "dancing ride" and easy to burst tires, air pressure to moderate.


Remind the majority of electric bicycle users, if the electric bicycle tires aging, please replace in a timely manner to avoid the risk of tire blowout! Often check the use of their electric bike tires, is also responsible for their own safety!


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