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The most practical electric bicycle knowledge and use advice

  • 10 Jul 2022

How to use an electric bicycle? From preparation to battery installation, to charging... What do you need to pay attention to? Don't worry, you just need to read this practical e-bike knowledge to have a general understanding of e-bike use and maintenance.


Preparation and confirmation before using an electric bicycle

1. Please read the electric bicycle instruction manual after purchase, and do not rush to use the electric bicycle until you understand its performance.

2. Before riding, please check whether the tires are fully charged, as insufficient air pressure will affect driving speed and mileage, as well as the risk of tire blowout;
whether the battery is fully charged, as insufficient charging will not only affect driving mileage, but also damage battery life.

3. Check whether the lock is open. Starting the motor when the wheel is locked will damage the motor and control parts.


The operation procedure of electric bicycle in use

1. Install the fully charged battery in the battery slot (rack) and lock it, insert the power key into the lock hole and rotate it clockwise to the ON position, at which time the power supply is connected to each control line. Turn the stepless speed control handle that you can ride (electric bicycle accelerates faster, to ensure your safety, please start the motor again after the ride is stable to avoid your hands and feet in the traffic, do not start in place).

3. In riding, under the condition of ensuring safety, try to reduce frequent braking and starting; when the uphill slope is large or the wind speed is too strong against the wind, please assist the foot pedal to assist.

3. After riding, please turn off the power, remove the power key and lock the anti-theft lock to ensure safety.


Important tips and advice

1. Don't be afraid of rain and snow, but don't wade through water

The majority of professional electric bicycle manufacturers' electric bicycles are subjected to "spraying" experiments before leaving the factory. Not afraid of rain and snow, but can not wade through water. When the water level floods the controller, wire circuit or motor hub, it will cause a short circuit and damage the appliance; please don't park the electric bicycle for a long time in the rain, it may cause the rain to penetrate the electrical components.

2. Electric bicycle battery maintenance points

The lithium battery or lead battery used in electric bicycle is a consumable product, and its life span has a lot to do with the user's daily use and maintenance.

  • The smaller the depth of discharge each time the battery is used, the longer the life of the battery pulse, so no matter how large the capacity of the battery, the user should develop a good habit of charging with the use.
  • battery needs to be placed for a long time when the heart must first fully charged and regularly replenished, generally once every 1 to 2 months.
  • High current discharge has certain damage to the battery, so when starting and going uphill, please use the pedal to help.

3. Don't carry too heavy objects

Most e-bikes have a set load capacity of 100~200kg, so please do not bring too heavy objects. Also, the pure electric mode is not suitable for driving on uneven or steep roads. If you encounter such roads, please use the human-assisted mode or get off the bike to push.


The above are the key points of electric bicycle daily use. Finally, GHstore reminds you that the seat height of the electric bicycle should be as high as the rider's feet can reach the ground to ensure safety, especially for mothers with babies.


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