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The most effective electric scooter routine maintenance methods

  • 13 Oct 2022

Electric scooters have become an important transportation and exercise entertainment tool, especially loved by young people. When people buy a beloved electric scooter, they hope it will always look brand new, but some people don't know how to maintain the electric scooter normally, so the electric scooter will soon have to be repaired and replaced with parts, and the heartache loss is more sad that it is caused by their own poor maintenance.

Here GHstore will provide you with some small methods, so that you can properly maintain the electric scooter, no matter how far and how long you travel with it, it will still be your beloved original electric scooter.

Electric scooter inspection and maintenance

1 often wipe the electric scooter, electric scootere of the paint, the paint for the electric scooter's appearance of the old and new play a decisive role, pay attention to the electric scooter parking, do not place in the sun exposure, basically can make the paint to achieve the maximum life.

2 usually to check the parts of the tires or faucet, the tightness of the brakes, you can look at the tires and the surrounding accessories intact before riding, hold the brakes tight to see if they are used properly, and then rotate the faucet to see if it needs to be corrected.

3 even if the mud stains around the tires are cleaned up, pay attention to the bearings of the wheels and lubricate them in time to avoid wear and tear to shrink the service life of the electric scooter.


Battery of electric scooter

The battery is the core of the electric scooter, and the proportion of the price of electric vehicle accessories is also relatively high, not only because he is the power center, but also because it is inextricably linked to the range of electric scooters, buy a electric scooter is certainly to travel more convenient, electric scooter range is the top priority, so how to maintain the battery?

1 electric scooter charging problem: high-quality electric scooter in order to be more environmentally friendly and energy-saving convenience using lithium batteries, must pay attention to timely charging, if you want to long-term placement without, it is recommended that a month charging, to keep the battery activity.

2 electric scooter placement note: the battery can not be exposed to the sun, but also can not be placed in a wet place for a long time, so if you want to stop, must be to the dry temperature suitable for indoor or underground parking garage battery parking, if only in the outdoor, it is recommended to be placed in the shade of a tree cover.


According to the maintenance methods provided by GHstore, the daily maintenance of your beloved electric scooter will not only keep your electric scooter looking new, but more importantly, it can also effectively extend its service life.


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