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The causes and solutions of electric bicycle motor overheating

  • 27 Jun 2022

The motor of electric bicycle will heat up when riding at high speed for a long time, which is caused by high current discharge, but if the temperature exceeds 60-70 degrees, it is not normal and will cause harm to the motor, the insulation of the motor enameled wire may melt away and cause a short circuit, the magnet will lose magnetism at high temperature, and the motor will be scrapped.

If your electric bicycle motor often overheat, riding a short distance is also hot, beyond the normal temperature range, it is necessary to repair, the causes of overheating are three main categories: motor internal failure, controller failure and brake system failure.


1. Motor internal failure

Motor internal failure causes the motor to heat up the causes and solutions.

1. bearing due to the bearing carrying rolling speed, once the steel ball gap increases, it will cause the motor internal sweeping, stator friction rotor, effort to heat up, friction increases, the temperature rises.

Solution: replace high-quality bearings.

2. Stator deformation caused by. Some motor manufacturers to reduce costs, poor stator steel, easy to deformation, turn up will deviate from the normal track, the force is not uniform, the temperature rises.

Solution: replace the stator with good steel.

3. Due to the coil. Pure copper wire winding resistance, not only power saving without heat, and strong power, but the market appears motor copper clad aluminum, aluminum clad copper, will cause the motor temperature rise. Motor heat and motor turns line thickness is also related to the coil internal material is not the same, power, power, heat will also be different, the thinner the line, the greater the heat.

Solution: replace the pure copper stator.

4. Due to the magnet. Magnet steel magnetism will make it more efficient, strong speed, power, driving safety, stable performance, but some magnets are not up to standard, magnetic weakness, easy to lose magnetism, driving in high temperatures demagnetization fast, the longer the time, the higher the temperature, the higher the temperature, the faster the loss of magnetism, car power, power weak.

Solution: Replace the high-quality magnet sheet or replace the motor.

5. Motor internal water caused by. Not every motor closed are very good, encounter water into the good difficult to get out, even if the water into the motor may be able to ride, but the arrival of water will affect the efficiency of the motor to give full play, resulting in the motor power shrinkage, temperature rise.

Solution: clean up the motor internal "water", sealed well.


2. Brake system problems

Electric bicycle brake system friction motor heating may have the following faults caused by.

1. The brake line does not return. Due to prolonged use of the brake line ends into the water rust or the bottom of the brake line will scratch the outer skin will make the brake does not return with the brake to make the motor temperature rise.

2. Brake pads are worn out. Some customers' brakes do not work, tighten and tighten, tighten to the head but also in tight, resulting in increased friction between the brake and the motor resulting in higher motor temperature.

3. The brake spring is broken. The brake spring is broken and it is difficult to get the brake pads to pop into place with the external spring, and the brake pads do not bounce back when the spring is broken, so that the brake brakes prompt rolling resistance and the motor temperature rises.


3. Controller problem

The electric bicycle controller is used to convert the electrical energy into current to regulate the speed of the motor.

Heat is a normal phenomenon, the motor and the controller in the process of work have a large current through, must be through the shell heat dissipation. No heat means it is not normal, but overheating is a problem, the controller controls the size of the current, when the overload riding or car effort to ride will also make the motor temperature rise. But there is a fault inside the controller, will also cause the motor to heat up. In addition, the controller does not match the motor will also cause heat, the motor small controller will cause harm to the motor, control the small motor will be underpowered, or suggest how big the motor will use more than the controller is appropriate.


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