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What is the prospect of electric scooters in 2022?

  • 13 Apr 2022

Electric scooter is a transportation based on traditional human skateboard with electric power kit. Electric scooters have the same controls as electric bicycles, are easily learned by drivers, have a simpler structure, smaller wheels, and are lighter and easier to use than traditional electric bicycles, and can save a lot of social resources.


Europe is the largest market for electric scooters with about 41% of the market share, followed by North America with about 31% of the market share.


The major manufacturers are Drive medical, Pride Mobility, Electric Mobility, Invacare, Amigo Mobility International, Hoveround, Golden Technologies, Quingo, Van Os Medical, Afikim Electric Vehicles, Bezior, and others. The top three manufacturers account for about 9% of the market share.


In 2021, the global electric scooter market size reached 1.3 billion euros and is expected to exceed 3 billion euros in 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.0%.


In my opinionelectric scooters should have a relatively good market prospect in 2022, the main reasons are:


  • First of all, electric scooters have a good range, generally have about 25 kilometers, and are more convenient to carry. Lightweight and stylish, less effort than a bicycle, more convenient than electric bicycles handling. Secondly, the road surface is now better, relatively flat, there will not be particularly many pits, walking to meet the general travel requirements.
  • The volume of the electric scooter is relatively small, the general subway, public transport can be on, but bicycles, electric bicycles are not allowed on the subway. This advantage will be able to use the electric scooter to expand the scope of many.
  • The speed of electric scooters is a little slower than that of electric bicycles, and the safety performance is relatively high.
  • Electric scooters are more fashionable. The general electric bicycle is basically a bicycle model or motorcycle model, compared to the scooter, not so high value.


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