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6 key points for buying electric scooters

  • 06 Jun 2022

The popularity of electric scooters is gradually rising, more and more people choose electric scooters as the main means of transportation for commuting, shopping and short-distance travel, why do they like to use electric scooters?

  • Portable, small size, foldable, easy to park or directly on the elevator to the company
  • Not afraid of congestion, even in the morning and evening rush hour can easily drive, commuting time can be controlled
  • Convenient and effortless to ride, can change routes at will or easily over obstacles (roadblocks or steps)
  • The first choice for transportation within a few kilometers, fast, easy to operate, powerful range, to solve the last mile of travel anxiety
  • Riding at the same time can also exercise. 

Since there are so many benefits of electric scooters, what are the key points we need to pay attention to when we buy electric scooters? In order to help us better buy the right electric scooter for ourselves, professionals put forward the following 6 key points to pay attention to when buying electric scooters.


Range (battery)

Good range performance is crucial for our daily use, in addition to being able to run farther, but also to reduce the number of recharging, after all, the cost of electricity is also quite expensive.

And the biggest factor in determining the range is the battery. Generally speaking, the greater the capacity of the battery (unit: Ah/Wh), the higher the range at the same voltage.

At present, most of the batteries of good quality electric scooters use lithium batteries, and currently smartphones are also used lithium batteries, mainly because of their high efficiency, light size, long life, the corresponding price will be more expensive than the price. Most brands on the market are using 18650 series lithium battery pack.

For the range, the current maximum range is about 30KM-80KM, individual high range of electric scooters can reach more than 80KM. However, this theoretical data will be a bit water, after all, the experimental environment is more ideal. When we actually use it, we need to take into account the road conditions and our own weight, and the actual range will be 10%-20% less than the theoretical value. However, for daily commuting within a few kilometers, it is sufficient.



Electric scooter motor can be said to be the heart of the whole scooter, the higher the motor power (unit: W), generally speaking, the stronger the power, the faster the speed.

At present, most electric scooters are using brushless motors, which have the advantages of small running sound, high energy efficiency, long life and strong anti-interference ability. It is enough to meet our daily needs.

It should be noted that the power of the motor is not the greater the better, the motor and wheel diameter, speed is also closely related. Each motor basically has the best matching power range, if more than that, then the power is also a waste, small natural can not run, the motor power and body design is the most important match. Of course, these are not issues that consumers need to consider, electric scooter manufacturers in product design, production will certainly do a good job of matching the optimal.



Tires for the purchase of electric scooters is also a parameter that needs to be paid attention to, after all, whether the driving is bumpy, in addition to shock absorption, the greatest impact is the tires.

At present, there are three main types of tires: vacuum tires, internal and external tires, and solid tires.

Vacuum tires: At present, our motorcycles and other things, but also mainly use vacuum tires, the most important feature is the durability, and tire repair is very convenient, directly with automatic tire repair fluid can be.

Inflatable tires (inside and outside tires): Inflatable tires are an outside tire and a thin rubber tire inside, if you have removed bicycle tires, it should be clear that most bicycles are currently using this kind of inside and outside tires. This kind of tire will not be upside down, but the bad thing is that it is easy to be punctured, and when it is punctured, it needs to be disassembled to make up the inner tube.

Solid tires: strong and durable, but the damping effect of these tires is very bad.

So how to choose tires?

Generally speaking, the smaller the tire the more bumpy, if it is a small wheel, a little bit of small bumps in the road the whole scooter will be bumpy, easy to shock the feet numb. Although small wheels, although they are also equipped with shock absorbers, but the effect is not as good as the effect of large tires.

Small tires are the tires below 8 inches, and large tires are the tires above 8 inches and 8 inches. Some of the high-quality electric scooters use 10-inch and above large tires, which can better shock absorption.

On balance, choose tires of 8 inches or more, and if conditions allow, try to choose larger ones. Inflatable tires will be more suitable, elasticity is better, shock absorption is not bad, riding is not bumpy.


Shock absorbers

As mentioned above, the larger the wheel size, the better the shock absorbing effect!

However, the shock is not only related to the tires, but also related to the structure of the scooter itself, especially the shock absorber (mainly spring) at the front wheel connection, of course, there are also electric scooters are used after the shock. In fact, for the overall shock absorption effect of the body, the tire is more critical, the role of the shock absorber is not as big as its role in the motorcycle. Choose the front shock or rear shock can be, of course, if you do it yourself, you can also change the shock absorbers, such as spring to hydraulic shock, the effect will be better.



In addition to those factors mentioned above, the brake system is also particularly important, after all, a good brake system, in critical times, to avoid accidents.

At present, the main electric scooters on the market use disc brakes and electronic E-ABS brakes.

Disc brakes we all know better, many mountain bikes or motorcycles now use disc brakes, as the name implies, the brake system is similar to a disc. The advantage of disc brakes is that they are anti-lock and can cope with all kinds of bad roads, such as grass and mud.

Electronic E-ABS brake, after receiving the signal of braking, the electric wheel will immediately brake, in addition, the faster the speed, the better the braking effect. In fact, it is the use of electric current to act as a reaction to the motor for braking, so that the electric scooter can be braked in a short period of time, in addition will not consume battery power, on the contrary, in the moment of braking and downhill braking, will be a short time to recharge the battery, which is conducive to extending the life of the battery.

However, it is not that there is a good braking system, we can ride without fear of racing, after all, the electric scooter frame is relatively small, and little protection, but the speed is too fast, coupled with the emergency brake, we will fall out directly due to inertia, especially for the heavier people.

So, usually when riding a scooter, or to stabilize a little!


Durability and portability

Durability refers to whether the material used in the body of the electric scooter is strong and durable; portability, it is necessary to consider whether the whole car is easy to carry and easy to fold.

Electric scooters try to choose aluminum or carbon fiber material, durability are better.

For the body folding, most of the electric scooters on the market are now using the handlebar column folding or pedal front folding, these are more convenient to carry.



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