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How to avoid electric bicycle flat tire?

  • 01 Jul 2022

E-bikes are a very popular transportation and fitness tool, and it is very pleasant to go for a ride with friends on the weekend to get in touch with nature. However, there are some unexpected situations that may arise that can have a great impact on people's riding. Tire blowout can be said to be the most fear of the process of riding electric bicycle emergencies, and electric bicycle tire blowout compared to the car is more sudden, latent, extremely difficult to do in advance, advance judgment, once the tire problems, light fall bruises, or endanger the safety of the driver's life. Therefore, it is especially critical for its maintenance.

Today, GHstore, an electric bicycle service provider, is here to introduce the correct way to prevent electric bicycle tire blowout, and hope that it will be helpful for the majority of cycling enthusiasts. Don't wait until the accident happens and regret it.


The causes of electric bicycle flat tire

What are the reasons that affect the electric bicycle flat tire? According to GHstore summary, tire aging, excessive wear, tire trauma, excessive exposure to the sun, tire pressure is unstable, are likely to cause the sudden blowout of electric bicycles.

Excessive exposure to the sun, electric bicycles for a long time in high temperature conditions, by the high temperature baking, easy to make the tire deformation, especially in the summer road temperature is very high, the road asphalt are baked soft, a lot of very hard tiny things embedded in the road, electric bicycles are easy to come and go punctured tires. In addition, the tires are constantly heating up during the driving process, while the heat dissipation is relatively slow, so the air pressure increases, causing the tire body to be too thin is also the main reason for blowouts from time to time.

In addition GHstore also want to remind, tire pressure abnormalities can also lead to electric bicycle blowout. When the tire pressure is not enough, the tire sidewall will easily bend and break and burst. If the tire pressure is too high, the damaged part of the tire will burst in the process of fast driving. As for the excessive wear and tear, aging, cracking and trauma to the tire is the main cause of a blowout.


How to try to avoid the occurrence of a flat tire?

GHstore first of all to remind car owners is that we should develop a good habit of regular inspection and maintenance of tires. To often check whether the tire pressure is normal, if the air pressure is found to be too low, it is possible that the outer body of the tire has local scratches, puncture problems, to be promptly tested and repaired; if the air pressure is found to be too high should be properly evacuated, especially in the hot weather is to avoid high pressure.

In addition, it is worth noting that e-bike tires may react chemically with other substances, thus damaging the tires. We should try to avoid contact between tires and hydrocarbon-like lubricants in our daily life, as it will lead to accelerated aging of tires. In addition, tires should not be in contact with alcohol, freezing liquid, electrolyte, and cleaning tires can be done with soapy water.


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