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How to avoid the 3 major misconceptions about buying e-bike?

  • 20 Apr 2022

When you look at the global electric bike market, there are countless brands of electric bikes, large and small. However, the quality of the products and after-sales services of different brands of electric bicycles vary greatly. Many people tend to form some misconceptions when buying electric bicycles because they don't know the trade and lack experience. Like some consumers who blindly pursue low prices, they are often easily fooled and spend a lot of money in vain.

Electric bicycle professionals have compiled a list of "3 big electric bicycle buying myths", hoping to help you, improve your ability to identify and not be cheated by bad business when buying an electric bicycle.


Myth 1. Low-priced e-bikes are not much different from high-priced e-bikes

The electric bicycle market is so huge, with a wide variety of categories. As a consumer in the purchase of electric bicycles must keep a clear head, do not just pursue low prices, can not be deceived by the so-called "ultra-low discount" business. Although electric bikes are not as high-end as cars, the technology content is also very high and the technical requirements are strict, so the cost is relatively high. Those 2 or 3 hundred Euros electric bicycles are basically assembled with poor quality materials that are not strictly manufactured and tested, with a high failure rate and unqualified product quality. Think about it, as businesses are profit-oriented. 2 or 3 hundred Euros of electric bicycle business is also a profit, imagine how low its cost is. Therefore, in the choice of electric bicycle products, do not just pursue the low price, should be from the brand influence, the quality of the vehicle and after-sales service and other aspects of consideration.


Myth 2. The faster the electric bike, the higher end it is

Most of the electric bicycle users hope that the speed is fast, so that they can save time and effort, otherwise it is meaningless to buy an electric bicycle. However, this idea is completely wrong. Because e-bikes are non-motorized vehicles, their power, weight and weight are all regulated. Each country has clear parameters for the production of electric bicycles, and the traffic management department is also very strict about the management of electric bicycles, so it is impossible to let you ride an electric bicycle on the road "free racing". Therefore, all regular manufacturers of electric bicycles are strictly in accordance with the national standard requirements, are also equipped with speed limiting devices. So when you buy an e-bike, make sure you know if the e-bike you are buying is a "super electric bike".


Myth 3. The heavier the load, the more practical

There are certain requirements for the weight of an electric bicycle. After all, electric bicycles operate on electricity, and the load limit is also to protect the motor. Individual electric bicycle manufacturers are now making a lot of noise about the high power and load capacity of their electric bicycles, and even advocate carrying more than one person. As we all know, an electric bike is not a car, and its power is not up to the standard of a car. An electric bicycle should carry less than 250 pounds under normal circumstances. Therefore, I would like to remind you that for your own safety, to extend the life of your electric bicycle, and to comply with traffic regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble, please do not listen to the misleading statements issued by businesses for their own benefit, and refuse to carry weight blindly.


In addition to the above three points, when buying an electric bike, you should also pay attention to a few small details, first of all, you should carefully check the appearance of the electric bike to see if the paint, plating surface is intact. Secondly, it is best to test ride it on site to check whether the whole bike is in good working condition. Finally, you should check whether the auxiliary functions of the e-bike are complete, such as the power display, mileage speed display and bike lights are in normal condition. In addition, when choosing an electric bicycle, after-sales service is also very critical. A brand with good service can save you a lot of money in maintenance, so be sure to choose an electric bike with good after-sales service and technical support.


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