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Top 9 reasons why electric bikes catch fire

  • 07 Jul 2022

There are countless cases of electric bicycle spontaneous combustion causing vehicles to burn and even fire, which happens almost every day around the world. What causes an electric bike to catch fire? GHstore has analyzed the 9 major causes of e-bike fires in detail in this article for you to understand how to maintain your e-bike.

E-bike fires happen from time to time, most of them are spontaneous combustion fires while charging, and sometimes fires while riding, no matter what the cause is, they belong to the following nine categories.


1. Problems with the electric bicycle itself

The current quality of electric bicycles varies, some manufacturers in order to save costs, take the main lock directly control the current open and closed system, each time the start, the controller charging current through the lock contact piece, between the two copper contact discharge, the resulting arc oxidation of copper, contact resistance gradually increased, the heat generated burned joints, resulting in the battery's positive and negative poles short circuit caused by fire. Such congenital defects cause electric bicycles to catch fire while riding.


2. Electric bicycles are often in a charged state

The electric bicycle battery is designed to be removable, however, during the charging and parking process, the electric bicycle electrical circuit connected to the battery is still in an energized state. Electrical lines are prone to external damage and insulation aging, which can easily cause a short circuit or overlap short circuit and poor contact at the connection end and other faults, causing fires.


3. Electrical line laying is not standardized, the quality is not up to standard

Some manufacturers choose small wire diameter, poor quality wire, plug components of low quality, laid in accordance with the provisions of its lines are not tied, larger loads due to overload heating or connection port oxidation pollution resulting in increased resistance to generate heat to start a fire.


4. Users privately installed burglar, increasing the load of electricity

Self-installed immobilizer power cord is not connected to the power bus and not connected to the electrical protection device, which can easily cause a fire in the immobilizer and its connection line; the user's privately modified audio facilities, increasing the electrical load, which can easily cause line overload.


5. Improper charging operation

Charging process chargers generate more heat, some owners do not place the battery and its charging device in the open and well-ventilated charging, some owners also mistakenly cover combustible materials in the charger or above the battery, the accumulation of heat can easily lead to fire.


6. The charging line is faulty

At present, many residential communities have not set up special charging facilities for electric bicycles, and the phenomenon of privately connected wires in carports is common. Multiple electric bicycle charging at the same time, such as charging line diameter is too small, and did not take a short circuit or overload protection device, it is easy to cause charging overload, short circuit or heat, thus causing a fire accident.


7. Non-standard installation of electrical protection devices

In the production process, the air switch should be installed on the main circuit and abandoned to install, in the branch circuit is not installed in the insurance system, or not installed as required electrical protection devices; in the process of use, due to the installation of the air switch often jump, fuse blown causing inconvenience, the user to modify, private removal of insurance devices lack of electrical safety protection.


8. When installing the battery, the internal pad foam is dangerous

Many electric bicycle assemblers to prevent the battery bumps with foam pads to the battery box. Once the battery is short-circuited, the false connection cremation and charging heat and other problems, the foam becomes a catalyst for fire.


9. Battery connection cable is not up to standard

Do not underestimate the least valuable battery connection wire, if not up to standard, too thin, once the charging current is unstable, too large when the wire above the insulation layer will catch fire. General inferior battery equipped with a lot of substandard connecting wire.


From the above analysis, we can find that consumers should buy high quality electric bikes as much as possible. In addition, electric bicycle battery quality is very important, in the choice of battery replacement try to choose high quality, good reputation brand battery, the best contact electric bicycle dealers to buy the original battery, the original or big brand battery quality is very good, service is also better, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of the construction is very good, can provide consumers with better after-sales service. It is also necessary to properly maintain the electric bicycle battery and avoid misunderstandings in maintenance and use in order to better prolong the life of the battery.


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