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7 Reasons and Solutions for Reduced Range of Electric Bicycles

  • 14 Mar 2022

Reduced electric bicycle range is a problem for many electric bicycle users. Here the author mainly introduces the 7 most common causes of electric bicycle range reduction, and the methods and measures to solve these problems.

1. Low electric bicycle range caused by reduced battery capacity

Electric bicycle range problems, electric bicycle battery is the culprit. Battery life slowly decreases as the number of uses increases. Generally speaking, large manufacturers have warranty standards, and a better maintained battery will have more than 85% capacity after 12 months. Electric bicycle batteries in the summer charge and discharge rate of 105%, spring and autumn temperatures in about 20 degrees when the charge and discharge rate of 100%, and in winter, the charge and discharge rate may not reach 80%, which is the temperature of the impact of the battery capacity. Correct maintenance and reasonable use of electric bicycle battery, so that the electric bicycle battery to maintain good technical condition, is to improve the electric bicycle range of the fundamental guarantee. Correct maintenance is expensive in the electric bicycle charging mode and frequency of use; less travel and more charging is the best way, as far as possible short ride often replenish, and develop a good habit of parking that charge. The charging temperature should be high in winter and low in summer.

2. motor aging caused by the electric bike range is low

At present, the efficiency of electric bicycle hub motor is generally around eighty percent, that is, twenty percent of the power is wasted. The efficiency of the old brush motor is even lower. And with the use of time, the motor magnet demagnetization or carbon brushes, commutation piece wear and so on caused by the motor power decline is not a few. The total range of a new battery is affected when it is used at full charge because too much power is wasted. This situation requires maintenance and overhaul of the electric bicycle motor.

3. electric bicycle range caused by electrical parts failure, line aging and line failure is low

Spontaneous combustion of electric bicycles is often reported, and most of them are caused by aging or faulty wiring. Combustion requires heat, and the heat generated by the electric bicycle line will inevitably cause power consumption, so it will inevitably affect the range of the electric bicycle. When users realize that there may be problems with the electric bicycle wiring, they should overhaul it as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary personal and property damage. As time goes by, some electrical parts will have various hidden faults, and the increased power consumption will lead to a higher working current, which will inevitably result in a reduced range. The whole car insulation performance is bad will also lead to the whole car leakage phenomenon, which is also the whole car power consumption is a reason, the whole car leakage can be used megohmmeter or multimeter through the exclusion method to find the source of the fault, solve the whole car leakage situation.

4. the charger failure caused by the electric bike range is low

If the charger output voltage is too low, it will cause the battery to be incompletely charged, which will naturally affect the electric bicycle range. Generally, the distance an e-bike rides and the time it needs to be charged are proportional, that is, if the e-bike rides farther, the longer the corresponding charger charging time should be. If a new battery is used to less than ten percent, and the charging time stops after only a short time, then in most cases the charger is faulty. This is the time to find a professional store for charger testing.

5. electric bicycle mechanical failure caused by low range

The main mechanical faults affecting the range of electric bicycle are brakes, bearings and motor drive system. The brake adjustment is too tight, bearing damage will cause the electric bike riding process resistance increased. In addition, water and rust inside the motor will cause a decrease in motor efficiency and high frictional resistance. The manifestation of these situations is that the electric bicycle obviously feels the resistance of the whole vehicle when pedal power. At this time, it is necessary to overhaul or adjust the components that generate resistance.

6. low tire pressure caused by low electric bicycle range

This situation is the least important, but is the culprit for the low range of most electric bicycles. A simple example, such as a bicycle in the case of insufficient tire pressure, riding is very laborious. If the tire pressure is too low, the friction between the tire and the road will increase, and the motor will have to overcome greater resistance, so that the power consumption increases significantly.

7. bad use habits caused by the electric bike range reduced

Bad habits, such as rapid acceleration, rapid start, rapid braking, etc., will cause the electric bicycle range to be reduced. Therefore, as an electric bicycle user in the start, uphill, heavy load, headwind, simple models should be pedal assist, luxury models should be in the human assist and slowly add power assist in the start, and according to the size of the load control power assist driving; strictly prohibit three urgent: urgent start, urgent acceleration, urgent braking; "human help, car moving, electric help, people walking, human power linkage " is a very good riding habit. This will ensure the range of the electric bicycle.


These are the more common 7 common causes of electric bicycle range reduction, and the solutions. So, for e-bike users, as long as the specific situation is analyzed and handled properly. You will be able to fully solve most of the problems of electric bicycle range reduction.


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