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6 safety precautions for electric bicycle riding

  • 15 Mar 2022

The popularity of electric bicycles is increasing, it is not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also in short distance travel, the performance of electric bicycles is very good. It is very suitable for short distance travel, so it is loved by everyone.


The number of e-bike owners is increasing year by year, but with it comes more and more e-bike traffic accidents. In fact, most traffic accidents have certain rules and can be prevented. For e-bike owners, how to avoid traffic accidents to themselves, which can be prevented, the author summarize 6 major safety precautions for the daily riding of electric bicycles.


1. Stay away from large trucks at intersections or trucks in motion

When a big truck is turning, it will produce an inner wheel difference, which means that the front wheels of the big truck can go around objects and people, but the rear wheels cannot.


2. Make sure there are no oncoming vehicles behind you before turning

Electric bicycle in the turn, must be more observation, to do "a stop two look three through", to ensure that there is no oncoming traffic behind.


3. cross the road to stop and observe

Electric bicycles in crossing the road, also need to observe, because the speed of motor vehicles are usually very fast, once the unexpected events, the car drivers simply do not have enough time to react.


4. Obey the traffic lights at intersections

Each crossroad has traffic lights, electric bicycles in the crossroad, when encountering red lights, stop and wait, strictly forbidden to run red lights.


5. Wear a helmet

Electric bicycle lack of appropriate protective devices, electric bicycle once a scrape or collision electric bicycle driver's head is the most vulnerable parts of the injury.


6. Don't always keep riding at high speed

Today's fast-paced life, for travel, of course, hope that the faster the speed of mobility, the better. We would like to say that in the electric bike riding can not just pursue speed fast, but also to protect their own safety.


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