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4 Trends for the electric bicycle industry in 2022

  • 16 Mar 2022

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular around the world, and they are Gradually come into people's lives, forming a subtle influence on our lives. 2022 has arrived, what will be the trend of the development of electric bicycles? The authors have estimated and analyzed the development of the electric bicycle industry in 2022, and summarized, there are 4 main aspects:


1. Increased demand for power-assisted electric bicycles

Power-assisted electric bicycle is a new type of transportation that uses electric motor and battery as auxiliary power and carries intelligent sensor system to give power assistance according to the size of the rider's pedaling force, realizing the integration of human riding and motor assistance. Due to the advancement of lithium-ion battery technology, its price and electric capacity improvement in recent years, the power-assisted electric bicycle market has created a global boom, especially for high-end models.


2. Design tends to be diversified and personalized

With social development and changes in consumer attitudes, consumers' demand for e-bikes is diversifying, personalizing and customizing, creating differentiated demand in terms of e-bike models, styles and functions, with a clear trend toward product segmentation. The function of electric bicycle has developed from transportation to competition and leisure, and the group of people who use bicycle for sports and leisure fitness is becoming more and more extensive, which puts forward higher requirements for personalized electric bicycle. As people's demand for electric bicycle functions is no longer limited to simple transportation, the market for mid- to high-end bicycles with functions such as sports, fitness and leisure is expanding, and the industrial structure is changing implicitly.


3. Mid- and high-end electric bicycles will see rapid development

At present, the global electric bicycle market is gradually developing towards the middle and high-end, specifically in terms of material upgrades from traditional steel to metal alloy, carbon fiber and other high-end materials, appearance development towards light weight, beautiful texture, personalization and other directions, and function replacement from transportation to sports and leisure, fitness and other functions. With the increase in consumption level and the popularity of sports, health and environmental protection concepts, coupled with the active promotion of electric bicycle activities by bicycle associations around the world, the global mid- to high-end electric bicycle market will see greater development in the future.


4. Production process tends to be automated and green

The electric bicycle industry is actively responding to the trend of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Some enterprises have started to adopt automated equipment in important processes such as welding, painting and assembly, and production efficiency and quality levels have been significantly improved. In addition, in the face of gradually rising global labor costs, accelerating the application of automation technology and optimizing the production process will become a key means for the electric bicycle industry to cope with the changing labor structure.

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection supervision by governments around the world, enterprises in the industry have been improving their processes and using environmentally friendly materials in the production of wire pickling and phosphating, frame spraying and baking paint, battery packs, etc., and have been investing more in the transformation of environmental protection facilities, upgrading and renovating environmental protection equipment for spraying and baking paint exhaust, welding fume and dust, solid powder and battery recycling, further enhancing the level of green development in the industry.


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