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4 Safety Behaviors of Electric Bicycles

  • 05 Apr 2022

Electric bicycles are gradually becoming popular because of their convenience, speed and low cost, making them the main mode of transportation for short daily commutes. But on the other hand, e-bikes have a high accident rate, and the chances of collateral personal damage in accidents are extremely high. The authors believe that while people take advantage of the convenience of transportation, they should also take the initiative to avoid the risks associated with transportation, and to that end have compiled 4 safety behaviors required for driving an e-bike.

Helmets must be worn

In many countries, it is written in the law that helmets must be worn when riding an e-bike on the road, why? A research institute has done tests, the test dummy in a normal position riding on an electric bicycle, the electric bicycle at zero speed to fall sideways, the head hit the ground, the data shows that the impact on the head is enough to kill. As we all know, in many countries, there are cornerstones on both sides of the road, so if the unprotected head hits the cornerstone first when falling sideways, then I'm afraid it will be a disaster.

In 2011, a 26-year-old Belgian rider died in the Tour of Italy after a fall during the race, becoming the first rider to die in the middle of a bike race. The rules of the race at the time did not make it mandatory to wear a helmet, but because of this accident, it became mandatory to wear a bike helmet in professional cycling, so even for professional riders, the protective role of a helmet is still irreplaceable.

This is true for bicycles that are slower than e-bikes, so it is even more important to wear a helmet when riding an e-bike. It should be noted that because of the faster speed of electric bicycles, you also need to wear a more protective helmet, it is recommended to buy a professional protection certification of the formal helmet.

Other protective gear can also be worn as appropriate, such as motorcycle riding clothes, motorcycle riding clothes are usually built in protective gear, in case of a crash can better protect the driver, while winter riding clothes usually have a better windproof effect.

Master braking skills, especially when cornering

Two-wheeled electric bicycles have different driving characteristics than cars, in case of emergency, the driver not only needs to brake as soon as possible, but also needs to maintain balance in the process, otherwise even if the speed is reduced, the loss of balance will lead to the occurrence of a fall.

Want to brake safely, the first thing you need to do is not to make the front wheel clamping, the front wheel clamping vehicle is to go to the ability to steer, the next inevitable not fall car. Most electric bicycles on the market today do not have anti-lock function, so when driving an electric bicycle may wish to familiarize yourself with the front wheel braking system in safe road conditions, master the front wheel lock critical point. The method is to gradually and steadily increase the braking force for each brake, do not quickly increase the braking force, such as encountering the front wheel locking situation quickly release the brake, control the vehicle's center of gravity, regain balance driving.

Although safe braking needs to avoid front wheel locking, but the front wheel braking is the only means to obtain the maximum braking force, so it is very important to master the front wheel braking force, only when the rear wheels are just about to leave the ground, the vehicle has obtained the maximum braking force, mastering this technique can enable you to obtain a shorter braking distance in emergency conditions.

In addition, braking during cornering is one of the most accidents occurring in electric bicycle driving, the reason is that two-wheeled vehicles need to corner by tilting the vehicle, changing the center of gravity to achieve, and braking at this time will break the delicate balance of the relationship before, resulting in the occurrence of a fall. The best way to deal with this situation is to brake ahead before the corner, enter the corner at low speed and accelerate through.

Finally, in case of emergency, do not change lanes to avoid, but brake to avoid, which is what old drivers say "let the speed not the road". At present, most countries do not have special lanes for electric bicycles, usually close to the motor vehicle lane, in case of emergency, if suddenly merge into the motor vehicle lane, by the back side of the motor vehicle impact, then will lead to more serious consequences. And in case of emergency braking, it is easier to keep a straight line forward to control the vehicle balance.

Buy high quality e-bikes

The electric bicycle market is uneven, and there is a lack of industry standards, resulting in many problematic quality vehicles for sale. The current speed of electric bicycles can reach the level of motorcycles, and the quality of some lead-acid battery-powered electric bicycles is even greater than that of motorcycles with the same design speed, which requires electric bicycles to be better than motorcycles in terms of frame strength, suspension quality and braking performance. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the safety of the vehicle in case of emergency.

Some of the electric scooters on the market today cost only 400-600 Euros, but claim to be able to reach speeds of 60 KM/H. Such prices are less than 30% of the price of similar motorcycles. If it is only a misrepresentation of the speed is good to do, otherwise really drive to 60KM/H, by what to ensure safety?

Ghstore, a famous e-bike dealer, recommends that when you buy an e-bike, you should prioritize the strength, braking performance and tires, and not take top speed and mileage as the only criteria.

Always drive with lights at night

Driving an electric bike at night, the most dangerous behavior is not to drive lights, many electric bicycle driving this thought, the city road conditions are good, there are street lights and other motor vehicle lights, they do not need to turn on the lights can also be seen. But the most important function of driving lights is actually to let other traffic subjects notice you and understand your driving trajectory and vehicle outline through the lights.

Humans are very sensitive to vision, so it is most effective to let other vehicles know your location by turning on your lights. Many professional motorcycles have special daytime running lights in order to highlight the location of the vehicle, so even during the day, it is a good choice to keep your lights on.

Other users have expressed fear that using lights will consume too much power and reduce mileage, but in fact, the energy required for lights is far less than the power of the power battery, and even using lights will not reduce the distance the vehicle travels.

In addition, some electric bikes go to the other extreme when using lights, they modify the lights, use high-powered lights, and long-term open far-light mode, which is not much damage to their own vehicles, but affects the sight of the object driver, but also an important factor in causing traffic accidents.


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