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4 daily inspections of electric bicycles

  • 29 Mar 2022

Electric bicycle is a riding tool we often use, in order to ensure the safety of travel, it is very necessary to carry out regular daily inspection. So what are the places that need to be checked regularly for electric bikes?

There are some parts that are very important for safety, but they are relatively simple to check, so you can do the daily inspection at home.

1. Tires

If there is a problem with the electric bicycle tires, the delay is still a small matter, endanger the safety is a big problem. Therefore, in our daily lives, we also need to conduct regular checks on the tires.

The first is to check whether the tire pressure is normal. The operation is very simple, people sit up, if the tire is obviously deflated, it means that the tire is short of air. If you have air pressure testing equipment at home, you can use the instrument for a more accurate check, detect the air pressure is less than 2.0 atmospheres, you can pump.

Next is to check the degree of tire wear and aging. If the tire tread depth is found to be significantly shallow, tire tread cracks bulge and other serious wear, or tire aging phenomenon, such as tread hardening, cracking and other conditions, you need to go to the store to check whether you need to replace the tires.

2. Light and horn

Lights and horn are also important for electric bicycle riding, headlights are lighting tools for night riding, and horn is a signal to prompt pedestrians to avoid and warn.

Checking the lights and horn is simple: turn on the lights to see if the lighting is normal; press the horn to hear if the sound is loud. Especially when you go out at night, these two items must not be forgotten.

3. Brakes

The importance of the brakes goes without saying. Check the brakes by following these steps: pinch, loosen, and turn.

First, squeeze. Hold the handlebars with both hands, respectively, left and right brakes, while pushing and pulling the electric bicycle back and forth, the brakes are normal, the wheels will not turn at this time.

The second step, loosen a loose. Release the handle, the brakes running normally will quickly reset. Finally, turn a turn. Turn the speed control handle, the motor running after the brake, under normal circumstances, the motor can immediately power off.

If problems are found in the above three steps of inspection, it is recommended that you let the professional staff to overhaul as soon as possible.

4. Other

In addition, there are some parts that mainly require us to check through naked eye observation. For example, check whether the frame is deformed, whether the rim is deflected, and whether the charger power cord is worn. Although simple, but to develop a good habit of regular check.

Daily inspection is to prevent problems before they occur, and if a problem is found, it must be repaired immediately, do not ignore the problem for fear of trouble.


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