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10 Common Misconceptions About Electric Bicycles

  • 26 Apr 2022

It is undeniable that most manufacturers produce electric bikes with much better quality, configuration and features than many years ago, but many customers often complain: how is the quality of electric bikes now not as good as before? GHstore, a famous e-bike dealer, analyzed and found that more than ten years ago, as e-bikes were just in the beginning of development, the cost and selling price were higher. When you bought an e-bike, it was a high-priced commodity, and people paid more attention to the maintenance and care of e-bikes. Now, due to the dramatic drop in the price of e-bikes and the increase in popularity, no one treasures and maintains e-bikes as much as before, so their service life is relatively reduced. That's why people have that wrong view that the quality is not as good as before. GHstore now summarizes the top 10 misconceptions about electric bicycles that are prevalent.


Misconception 1: The more features an e-bike has, the more high-end it is

Truth: In order to close the gap with competitors and cater to consumers, e-bike manufacturers will keep adding features. Some electric bicycles have many features that are basically not used. However, many consumers believe that the more features the higher end the e-bike is. Whether an e-bike is high-end or not depends on many aspects, such as intelligence, quality, configuration, and other IoT technologies. However, the more features an e-bike has, the higher the failure rate will be.


Misconception 2: Good electric bikes are generally fast and powerful

Truth: This is what uneducated people say! The speed and power of an e-bike depends on the motor, controller and battery, and has nothing to do with the quality of the vehicle itself. Since many countries have mandatory standards, products with high speed and power are often not available for sale. Therefore, many brands of e-bikes will limit speed and motor power. The same battery with fast speed and power will affect range!


Misconception 3: You must choose a famous brand to buy an electric bike

Truth: Brand name is better than non-brand name, which is a misconception of many people. It's not that brand-name electric bikes are absolutely good, and small brands are absolutely bad. At present, the electric bicycle industry is accessories assembly finished products, as long as the purchase of good quality spare parts, the quality of the vehicle will be high. It is recommended that you look at the product first, then the price, cost-effective electric bicycle is your most sensible choice.


Misconception 4: The battery runs out of power before charging

Truth: If the battery is not charged, then recharge it is an extremely harmful behavior to the battery life. If you do this often, the battery life will drop to a year and a half or even a year. Make the electric bicycle battery in a shallow cycle state, the battery life will be extended, and pay attention to regular deep discharge, the battery regularly a deep discharge is also conducive to "activating" the battery, can slightly improve the battery capacity.


Misconception 5: Luxury models are better than simple models of electric bicycle quality

Truth: Some countries and regions are popular with luxury models, while others are popular with simple models. Luxury models are bigger, more functional and more expensive than simple models, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily better than simple models. Consumers buy according to different needs.


Misconception 6: battery repair can extend the life of the battery

Truth: battery repair can only solve a small number of problems, such as lead-acid batteries are only water loss, sulfide passivation, can be repaired, but if the battery is seriously bulging, deformation, or battery pole plate lead powder is seriously off, and then try to repair is not possible. And for lithium batteries, the failure is very difficult to repair. Therefore, battery repair can hardly extend the battery life.


Misconception 7: Electric bicycle is not a car, there is no need for frequent maintenance

Truth: Electric bicycle is a transportation vehicle, facing different weather and road conditions, due to rain and water, bumps and scrapes, after a period of time, the electric bicycle will be in a subhealthy state. Therefore, according to the use of the vehicle, Daily and professional inspections of electric bicycles should be carried out frequently, and the front and rear axles, axle, flywheel, fork, shock absorber rotation pivot points and other parts should be scrubbed and lubricated once every 6 months to 1 year.


Misconception 8: Recently, there is no need to charge the electric bicycle.

Truth: Lead-acid batteries that are not used for a long time will be in a state of power loss, and will easily become sulfated, with lead sulfate crystals attached to the pole plate, blocking the ion channel and causing insufficient charging and a decrease in battery capacity. The longer the battery is left idle, the more serious the battery damage will be. If the battery is idle, should be charged once a month, which can extend the life of the battery, lithium battery electric bike is also applicable.


Misconception 9: The charger is nothing high-tech, just buy one at random

Truth: Electric bike chargers are just like cell phone chargers, the original charger and the battery match, the current also matches, both charging full, and not easy to appear spontaneous combustion or explosion phenomenon. If the charger does not match the battery, it may charge the battery badly and even cause a charging fire.


Misconception 10: The quality of electric bikes is similar, just buy a cheap electric bike

Truth: Because the shell frame factory is not only supplying to a certain e-bike company, the appearance of e-bikes is mostly similar, or even identical. But when you take apart the shell, you will find that the controller, frame, cables and other parts are different. Therefore, the quality of e-bikes differs from one brand to another, and as a means of transportation that accompanies you every day, quality is the first guarantee of personal safety!


Through the above 10 misconceptions about electric bikes and the truth summarized by GHstore, does it help you in purchasing and daily use of electric bikes? Finally, the author believes that a cost-effective e-bike that suits your actual needs is a really good e-bike.


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